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The Mitchell Micone Library

Mirror-Walker II

  • star rating for Mirror-Walker II
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Mirror-Walker II (Mitchell Micone)

The Rescue of Beloved 

Published by Fiction4All (2017)

ISBN: 9781786950772

Subject matter: General Fiction, Action/Adventure,

Format: Paperback - Format B

Pages: 190

Dimensions: 129 x 198

Tags: World War III, War, adventure, thriller, China




David Malone’s special skill of going through mirrors to find people enabled him to rescue the First Lady when she was kidnapped by an unknown group bent on starting a war with China. That sinister group is back with plan B. This time, however, they are making sure that David can’t derail their evil plans. Their first step as they move to put their new plan into action is to kidnap David and lock him away under twenty-four hour guard someplace where there are no mirrors and no shiny surfaces.

What they didn’t realize was that David was not alone when they struck. He was mirror walking with Chi, his protégée, so that they could watch a movie together in his living room. She manages to make contact with “Warrior Robert”– Detective Robert Nash– and tell him that “Beloved” has been taken.

Chi and her grandmother, Kong Ling, come to Iowa to help find David, but the war plotters somehow know of their involvement and try to kill them as they arrive. From that point on, Detective Robert, Momma Ling, Chi, and one of Robert’s fellow officers, Sargent Lucy Garcia, must go underground as they attempt to rescue Beloved and once again save the world from what could possibly be the beginning of World War Three.

Mirror Walker

  • star rating for Mirror Walker
    • Not yet rated. Buy this book and be the first to rate it!

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Mirror Walker (Mitchell Micone)

The President's Wife is Missing 

Published by Fiction4All (2016)

ISBN: 9781786950451

Subject matter: Fantasy, Crime Fiction,

Format: Paperback - Format B

Pages: 116

Dimensions: 129 x 198

Tags: mirrors, suspense, thriller, crime, detective, kidnap, World War 3




David Malone is a private detective with a unique specialty–he can find anyone, anywhere in the world providing he has a picture of them, he knows their name, and they are near a mirror. They have to be near a mirror because he finds them by staring into the special mirror on his bedroom wall and coming out near them as a mirror walker.

No one believes that David actually finds people in his mirror, but when First Lady Helena Travis is kidnaped– apparently by the Chinese– Secret Service Agent Mark Nash seeks out the nutjob that his brother, Detective Robert Nash, swears can find people, living or dead, no matter where they are.

The kidnappers, who have made it look like the Chinese are behind the kidnaping, are sure that President Douglas Travis is crazy enough to send the missiles to China just because his wife was missing. So, finding her is not just a matter of rescuing the President’s wife. Returning her to Washington is the only way to avert World War Three.

Agent Nash tells David, “Every US agency on earth is on full alert and looking for anything, anywhere, no matter how off the wall, that might help us find her. But they are coming up empty. You are more of a ‘Hail, Mary’ pass in the last two seconds of the game.”

Sometimes those last second passes score the winning touchdown.

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