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The Paddy Kelly Library


  • star rating for Kelly
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Kelly's Full House (Paddy Kelly)

Published by Fiction4All (2018)

ISBN: 9781786951472

Subject matter: Humour, Historical Fiction,

Format: Paperback - Format B

Pages: 180

Dimensions: 129 x 198




They say everything comes in threes. Here’s three rib tickling tales featuring three characters in three very different time periods and situations.

Kelly’s Full House is a great short story collection that will lift your spirits and help get you through your day by dealing with some of the most taboo subjects – The Press, death and politics.

1. 127 Alden Road

It’s July 1st, 2017 in Provincetown Massachusetts, original landing place of the Pilgrims. Abigail Helmsworth, town librarian and charter member of the Ladies of New England Social Organization for Massachusetts History, (LONESOME’s for short), is doing some spring cleaning in the Herman Melville Memorial Library when she comes across a document. A document from 1775. A document apparently signed by the Big Man himself – George Washington!

The possible implications of this document are not at all lost on the town’s 2,427 residents. In just under three days 60,000 tourists will invade this Mecca of U.S. history to celebrate the Fourth of July. The document, if certified to be authentic, could mean tens of thousands in revenue for the tiny hamlet.

2. Dr. Lindsay’s Christmas

At 87 years of age Dr. Jonathan Lindsay, a Dublin native, dedicated pediatrician and devout Catholic his entire life, has just lost his wife of over sixty years and, for the first time finds himself alone on Christmas Eve, 1987.

Reluctant to return to an empty house he takes a stroll up O’Connell Street to enjoy the gaily decorated holiday ornaments, lights and displays.

3. Luck & Fame Are Four Letter Words

A new president has taken the reins, the Space Race is in full swing and the economy is at its peak since end of the war. It’s 1961 and the future looks bright.

However the entire country is not running on greased groves. Rank Publishing Ltd., in New York City is hanging on by a thread. With the advent of automated printing, a television in nearly every home and newspaper circulation up almost tenfold since the end of the war, news stories are cheaper and more readily available. The new sensation is supermarket tabloids and magazine circulation is plummeting!

Luck & Fame examines the roll luck and hype play in achieving fame because, no matter how much talent you may have, Luck and Fame are Four Letter Words.

American Rhetoric

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American Rhetoric (Paddy Kelly)

Published by Fiction4All (2017)

ISBN: 9781786951144

Subject matter: General Fiction, Humour,

Format: Paperback - Format B

Pages: 380

Dimensions: 129 x 198

Tags: USA, alternate history, political comedy, parody,




Through shear dint of effort, Ronald Lump the third, now in his fourth and last term as president, had with tireless campaigning and unprecedented cooperation in both the House and the Senate, been able to whittle away at the 3% who controlled 97% of the wealth. He got it down to 1%. Worse yet, of the 47 candidates who intend to run for office to replace him none are qualified.

America was in trouble. Again.

However it is in Central Middleville, Ohio, a place where everyday life is abnormally normal, there resides a real hero. A human cog in a soulless system whose only dream is to get out of the dingy one room apartment he's lived in all his life. A savior that can possibly deliver the American people from the shackles of the two party system and the havoc it has reeked on the American landscape for so long.

Thaddeus Enoch Pervers, a lowly assembly line worker unintentionally sets out on a political adventure the likes of which could only happen in the U.S. With political absurdities unimagined in Swift’s time Thaddeus, after accidently filing out the wrong form at his local Department of Motor Vehicles, mistakenly winds up sucked up into the convoluted American political system.

Politics was never in Thaddeus' plans, but it was in his destiny. Inadvertently tossed into the political arena due to the misfiled form, Pervers is discovered by a devious group of supercentenarians who promise to buy him a senate seat if he'll act as their front man for their political interests.

The novel American Rhetoric, a dark parody of the two party system, offers a glimpse of one possible future for The United States of America.

*Politics. From the Greek 'poly' meaning many and 'tics' meaning a parasitic, blood sucking leech who lives off others.

*(Translation approximate)

The American Way

  • star rating for The American Way
    • Not yet rated. Buy this book and be the first to rate it!

More paperbacks by this author

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The American Way (Paddy Kelly)

Published by Fiction4All (2017)

ISBN: 9781786950581

Subject matter: Historical Fiction, ,

Format: Paperback - Format B

Pages: 424

Dimensions: 129 x 198




On January 12th, 1912 at 12 noon, 57,000 European immigrants comprised of 25 nationalities, 45 languages, (less than 10% of which spoke English), struck against one of the richest men in the world. To add to the drama, they faced a hostile governor and U. S. president, a racially motivated police force backed by the U. S. Army and the worst New England Winter on record.

Against a backdrop of wars raging in the Far East, The Balkans and North Africa, the most hotly contested U. S. election to date and unprecedented, government sponsored violence, a no-holds-barred industrial strike was launched.

In Book II of Paddy Kelly's series Building of Empire: Crime & Politics, the Cornerstone of America, the epic drama of a forgotten story in U. S. history, its Class Wars, is told through a neglected chapter, the Lawrence Mill Strike of 1912.

With the ambience and intensity of Reds and the spirit of Cabaret the story of the largest industrial action of its time, The American Way chronicles the drama of people swept up in events larger than themselves as they refused to capitulate to some of the most powerful men on the face of the planet.

The American Way is the true story of what European immigrants endured in burgeoning industrial America. Played out in seven weeks, in the dead of the worst New England winter in half a century, the story of this historic struggle invites you to come to America, land of the free. Home of the brave.

Where the streets are paved with blood.

Check out the author's video on YouTube: CLICK HERE


  • star rating for There
    • Not yet rated. Buy this book and be the first to rate it!

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There's An App For That Too (Paddy Kelly)

Published by Fiction4All (2017)

ISBN: 9781786950574

Subject matter: General Fiction, Humour,

Format: Paperback - Format B

Pages: 104

Dimensions: 129 x 198

Tags: politics, political humor, paddy kelly




From the author of Operation Underworld, The American Way, The Wolves of Calabria, Children of the Nuclear Gods and other more serious political-historical novels comes a second collection of short stories and essays dealing with science, religion and of course, politics.

There's An App for That Two! Chronicles yet more short stories, anecdotes and opinions espousing common sense in lieu of political correctness. In a tongue-in-cheek style, the stories offer a close-up and personal insight of historical events and personal experiences.

"Politics derived from ‘poli’ from the Greek for ‘many’ and ‘tics’ meaning blood sucking leeches that live off others.

Operation Underworld

  • star rating for Operation Underworld
    • Average 5.0 from 1 ratings

More paperbacks by this author

Our Price £9.95

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Operation Underworld (Paddy Kelly)

Published by Fiction4All (2015)

ISBN: 9781904086710

Subject matter: Action/Adventure, Historical Fiction, General Fiction

Format: Paperback - Format B

Pages: 424

Dimensions: 129 x 198

  • reviews
      • “A fascinating and lesser-known part of Mafia and WWII history, this
        brilliantly-researched novel is quite an eye-opener!”
                                        - Shelly Marsden
                                         Irish World, London
             "Dock workers shout and swear coarsely. You can almost smell the
        creosote and tobacco smoke as they do while the impression of a New
        York metropolis coming into its own is particularly potent. As a
        narrator he never has us at a loss as to our location, and using
        something of a film maker's palate, he lets the streets and docksides
        of New York become a central character in their own right." 
                                            - Hilary A. White, 
                            The Sunday Independent,                           
                     “Like a sunken treasure ship this intriguing wartime
        story has now been well and truly excavated.”  
                                       - Irish Daily Mail, London
        “I was a bit wary as I began reading, thinking the use of colloquial
        speech and vocabulary would make the book hard going. However I was
        wrong; instead it gives the book a distinctive flavour, alongside the
        descriptions of a bustling New York."
            - Annette Hart
                                                  Reviews Online
        Some Reader Comments:
        “I felt compelled to write and tell you that once into the last fifty
        pages, on my way home one evening last week, I missed my train stop by
        two stations reading the chase scene at the end."                     
                                 Christina Rossi, Philadelphia, PA 
                Just a quick "Thank you" for Operation Underworld. Being a
        girl, I'm usually not a fan of crime-related stuff, but I got this one
        off my boyfriend's shelf to read something during a trip - and boy,
        did the trip seem short!"
                                         -       Irene, Rome, Italy
        "I have been a history enthusiast for many years, and was frankly
        bowled over by the historical accuracy of the novel, as well as the
        effectiveness of the device used to carry the story. Historical
        fiction so often tends to be either too dry to capture one's interest
        for long, or superficial fun to read, but at the expense of historical
        accuracy. With Operation Underworld, Mr. Kelly seems to have found the
        happy medium that balances both.   
        Now of course, we are all anxiously awaiting his next historical
                                              - Lt. Geoffrey Meade, U. S. N.
                                                 San Antonio, Texas
              “I am greatly enjoying Operation Underworld. The visual and
        auditory image of the two guys in the hold of the ship striking the
        water valve in unison to the choral strains of the Anvil Chorus made
        me burst out laughing! That is such a great visual, in such a weird
                                                - Paul O’Connor, Dublin,
          5 out of 5  (visitor)


February, 1942. Free China is lost, the Battle of Britain has been fought and Hitler dines in Paris. World War II is nearly three years old, however the United States resists involvement. With an invitation from the Imperial Japanese Navy at Pearl Harbor everything changes.

In her first ten months of the war nearly 500 American ships are lost. The retooling of Her factories is estimated to take at least a year, and even before it is completed, the men who work in those factories must become Marines, sailors and soldiers.

The U.S. Navy is behind the eight ball, big time. They need help. To compound their problems, the most famous luxury liner in the world, T. L. S. Normandie, has just been set alight and burned to the water-line in New York Harbor initiating wide spread hysteria in fear of German saboteurs. All originating from a misguided sense of desperation, and a well planned feign.

Meanwhile, “The Boss of Bosses”, Lucky Luciano at age 45, is serving a thirty to fifty year sentence in a maximum security prison in upstate New York.

In one of the most ironic decisions of the war, the Federal Government requests the founder of organized crime, Lucky Luciano, to join forces with America’s most secret service, Naval Intelligence. Luciano, has been sentenced to life in prison for a crime that warrants ten years, and is concurrently fighting deportation to an enemy nation where he will certainly be put to death, when he is asked to help the government who condemned him. In addition, he is told he must remain in prison with no chance for compensation or parole.

Mike ’Doc’ McKeowen, a New York P. I., leads us through the story.

Doc just wants to get his life back on track after his business partner ran off with all the top clients, and a long and painful divorce drained him of his house, his family and his dignity. Fate may have a plan for Doc, but he can’t figure out what the hell it is.

Whether you believe the link between the Federal Government and organized crime is a slender thread, or as Mario Puzo wrote, ’. . . contemporary America, where law and organized crime are one and the same.’, you will learn how the foundation of the international drug cartel was laid. You will come to appreciate the saying, ‘Due Facce della stessa Medaliglia’. Crime and politics, two sides of the same coin.

Titanic was an act of carelessness.
Lusitania was an act of war.
Normandie was an act of genius.

Reviews and more information here:

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