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For the Love of Jodie

  • star rating for For the Love of Jodie
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For the Love of Jodie (Adrian Stanley)

Published by Fiction4All (2017)

ISBN: 9781786951182

Subject matter: Action/Adventure Romance, ,

Format: Paperback - Format B

Pages: 108

Dimensions: 129 x 198

Tags: Love, Action, Romance, Tragedy, Heartbreak, Joy.




A wounded soldier rescues a badly injured young woman from an Iraqi battlefield. He carries her across the dessert, trying to save her. During their desperate struggle for survival love grows between them, but at the moment of rescue Jodie loses her fight for life.

Destroyed and invalided out of the army, Cal is broken.

Eventually a letter from Jodie's father arrives, and triggers off a series of strange coincidences that give Cal new hope, and bring love back to his heart.

In his new life in the Rockies he finds himself in another life or death struggle involving a young woman remarkably like Jodie. With all the heartache from the past driving him on he fights for the second woman's life, and again finds himself falling in love. Confused, but fascinated by the similarity between the two women, he uncovers the strange connection between the love he lost and the love he finally finds.

Two beautiful women rescued, one to die, the other to live, and the forgotten connection between them.

Has Cal finally found enduring love, and is Jodie's presence somehow influencing events?

Does the penny drop by accident, or design?


  • star rating for Tommy
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Tommy's Teenage Years (Nikki White)

Published by Fiction4All

SKU code: 15345058

Subject matter: Womens Fiction, General Fiction, Romance - general

Format: Paperback

Pages: 146

Tags: erotica, m/f, f/f, oral




Even though the rumours of war flew though the air daily it was not the foremost thing on the mind of the populace. People still went about their daily business as did Tommy. Tommy worked in a garage from the age of fourteen his real ambition to be a motor mechanic, his mother being his driving force had insisted he go to college and study accountancy but also agreed A job was a job so put no obstacles in his way. Tommy now at nineteen and with a number of girl friends from school and collage felt his sap rising strongly over the last eighteen months and as one titivates a carburettor to bring an engine into life he wondered how this would translate to his love life. Tommy has had many lonely times, exciting times which he remembers well on his road to adulthood.


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