Plantation Pony Tales by Katherine Forbes

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Plantation Pony Tales 
(Katherine Forbes)


The Wager


The girl hung from two branches on opposite sides of the tree trunk, her legs pulled wide apart by her suspension, ropes wound time and again round each ankle keeping her there, safely enough for as long as it would take to flog her. But not for much longer than that.

As an experienced slave handler, having lived on St Kelmo for some three years now, Adam Bestwood knew that and set about his task with measured and controlled strength. The girl's arms had been stretched down and her wrists tied around a heavy boulder to stop her interfering with her punishment, which was just as well because the strength of the blows he was delivering to her exposed groin were causing her to scream and desperately try to contract her stomach muscles. She was a strong girl and would have been capable of curling up and shielding herself if her wrists hadn't been so tightly secured.  A black girl who had survived the terrible slave ships from Africa and who worked every day under the Caribbean sun, was going to be a tough young creature.

As it was her labia, dreadfully exposed on her pubic mound trembled in the aftermath of each lash, delivered by a flogger with braided tails and knotted tassels, which lent weight and thudding impact to each over-arm lash Adam applied.

Her dark skin didn't show the red slashes that a blonde girl's would have but her screams attested to the harshness of the punishment and she shone with sweat as she hung and tried to writhe her way through her beating as the merciless Caribbean sun shone down.

After he had swung his full weight behind twenty lashes, Adam stopped for a moment, took off his Panama, wiped the sweat from his face and then prepared to give the wretched girl the next twenty. It was really not an onerous duty for a man who found the female form in serious pain an exciting sight. The girl was well built and her figure was appealingly furnished with curves in all the right places and her inverted pose, meant her breasts - which were always fairly high and proud, were now even more so and trembling deliciously as she sobbed. He ached to be able to allow himself the luxury of enjoying the way his hands would sink into their welcoming softness and then his whip would scour them as she screamed and begged - but no, he was about his employer's business and fun would have to wait for a little longer.

He swung the lash again, throwing his weight forwards behind the whip and listening for the thud of a good contact, the weight of the tassels stretching the tails out nicely to bite all along her split and then her anus. After the short pause in her suffering she squealed even more loudly when the pain re-ignited in her tenderest parts.

After a few more enjoyable minutes he only had two more lashes to go and had paused again to consider how best to deploy them when he heard the thud of hooves on the dusty earth of the compound and looked round to see Sir Archibald Stuart, his employer, approaching on the piebald pony he used to ride around his estate; Jacaranda.

Adam greeted him, leaving the sobbing girl to wait for a minute.

Sir Archie returned the greeting, dismounted and came to examine the slavegirl. He stood close behind her wrenched open groin and examined the flogged cunt closely.

"Those are well-whipped lips, Adam," he said. "She'll be feeling those for a while!"

"That's the idea, Archie!" Adam told him, uncoiling the lash and preparing to finish off the sentence. "It's her cunt -" The lash smacked down once more just to the left of her cunt lips and scored her inner thigh, making her wail again. "That's got her here!" The final lash smacked down just to the right of the injured cunt and the girl's exhausted body, tried once more to curl up and shield itself from the pain, then she just hung limply, sobbing.

"Nice tits," Sir Archie said, echoing Adam's own thoughts of earlier as he walked around the hanging body. "And a nice cunt on it too!" he added, stroking the abused flesh with one hand and making the girl shiver and tremble in terror of further agonies. "Amazing how the outer lips actually swell out over the inner ones after a decent thrashing....By God I bet she'd howl if she was fucked now!"

"Well that's why she's strung up there, Archie," Adam said, striding forwards and grasping her round the waist while he cut her ankles free and then letting her fall to the ground, where she lay at the men's feet, gasping and sobbing.

"She was caught trying to get into the men's shed last night. Horny little bitch couldn't wait till she was fully in season and just wanted cock."

"Ah! We're breeding from her?" Archie said, extending a foot shod in an elegantly hand-tooled boot to prod the girl's ribs. "Stretch out, girl," he told her.

Her wrists were still tied to the boulder and she obediently rolled onto her back and stretched her legs out.

"Ah, yes!" Archie said. "Good hips and thighs! Strong!"

"Precisely," Adam agreed. "I've got her scheduled to be mounted by Amos - he sired that filly we sold to Tall Trees last season."

"Good thinking, Adam. She ought to drop a useful colt or filly by him. When's she due?" He was referring to the point in the girl's carefully monitored menstrual cycle when she would be most fertile and it was then that she would be sent to the mating shed.


"Hah! She'll still squeal like a pig when she gets Amos's tool up her! The man's hung like a horse!"

"Dorca and Isabelle will be ok to man the shed tomorrow?"

"Of course, dear boy! Now come inside, I want to talk to you about an idea I had for that east field, I'm not happy with the yield from it..."

The men walked off and left the girl lying on the dusty ground. She knew better than to whimper or make a fuss, an overseer, or one of the 'boys' would be along to release her eventually. She opened her legs to let the air wash over her abused flesh and was aware that she needed to piss. There was no help for it. She grimaced as the flow pushed out through her lacerated sexflesh and then arced up in a small golden curve to splatter onto the dirt between her thighs. She let it go and sighed in relief, closing her eyes briefly. As the flow lessened she opened them again and saw Rufus standing over her.


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