How To Get What You Really Want by Norman W. Wilson

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How To Get What You Really Want 
(Norman W. Wilson)



Norman W. Wilson PhD





Brenna Yovanoff in The Replacement writes “Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome. The law creates the world.”  The most powerful force there is? What a pronouncement that is.

An intention is a state of mind in which there is a commitment, a fulfilling of a particular action, or desire. Furthermore, intention involves mental action involving planning. This is simply another way of saying commitment.  According to WORD, commitment means binding yourself intellectually and physically to a course of action. The significant word in this definition is binding. Three words, commitment, action, and binding must be married if you are to enjoy any hope of fulfilling your desires. One without the other two guarantees disappointment―failure!

Fundamentally, intention is a function and as such, it is one that is designed to accomplish a very specific task or thing. All too often, we make our intention too generalized in stating what it is that we want, desire, or need. When you come to understand the internal functions of intention you will then be able to apply those to your daily life. Zack Michael in “Be Grateful for Every Step (my view)” [August 25, 2017] tells us to not only focus on the end[goal], focus on everything in between with gratitude inside. More will be said about gratitude in Chapter Seven.

Many books, articles, and even a movie provide an incomplete picture.  If the montage was complete, people wouldn’t continue to seek how to make an intention and to have it bear fruit.  Instinctively, I feel there is something lacking―some wondrous secret of secrets. Because I feel this way, this book is really dedicated to the proposition that you can change your destiny, you can bring into reality that which you want.

Intention is the mechanism by which you can bring into reality that which you desire. In a later chapter, I will be discussing the mechanism of intention. Just as an automobile has an engine, wheels, body, gears, a source of energy to function so likewise does intention have its necessary components in order to function.

Dr. Bruce Lipton reminds all of us that “Matter and energy are entangled. Mind and body are similarly bound.”[1] All things are energy including the earth, the universe, co-existing galaxies, and we humans. In The Soul’s Journey to Its Destiny, Swami Ashokanada says [Man’s] “physical being is a part of the universal matter.” From my perspective, herein lies the secret of secrets.

Remember, an intention is a goal. Perhaps vision better describes what takes place. You see or visualize a future event and it is that which becomes your guide for your activities, that is, what you experience. A gentle reminder at this point is appropriate: your intention does not have to be limited to material things, for instance, money or a new car. Your intention can relate to your health, physical and emotional. It can be for peace, the success of a community project, or the health of a loved one. There is no limit as to what your intention may be.

The question now is why is intention important?

[1]Lipton, Bruce, Ph.D. The Biology of Belief. Santa Rosa CA. Mountain of Love Publishers. 2005.

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