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Sandra's Sessions 3 
(Peter King)

Sandra’s Sessions 3

Chapter 1: D Day


Sandra awoke with a start; she was in the middle of her bed, naked and alone. At first she was startled, afraid that her Mistress and Trixie were gone, having slept between the two of them the night before. Then she smelled the coffee brewing and heard laughter from the other side of her bedroom door. She recognized Trixie’s laugh and once she looked at the clock, she sprang from her bed. In a minute she was kneeling beside Lois, who sat at the kitchen table sipping her coffee.

“Good morning Sandra. You have a busy day today, I hope you slept well because you will need plenty of energy tonight,” Lois said, as she stroked Sandra’s auburn hair.

“Yes Mistress, I slept very well,” Sandra replied.

“Good girl, now have some coffee. Trixie will be flushing you before work today; we want you nice and clean down there before you go to see Lance tonight. Now have a seat and Trix will make you some breakfast too,” Lois said, while patting the seat of the chair next to her.

Sandra took the seat offered to her and once Trixie brought her cup of coffee she took a big sip. Her excitement was growing rapidly; it had seemed more like two months, rather than weeks, since she last saw Lance. She ached to be with him and she knew tonight her wish would be granted. And now she believed that he was the One she was meant to belong to, even though they were together less than a day. Despite the short time she had been with him she felt a strong link to him and now she knew he did too. Things he had said to her and the challenge he now posed confirmed it.

She was a paying client for their first meeting, but he discarded that role yesterday and told her it was all or nothing.  Either she would become his permanently or they would part ways. Lance had many clients but Lois, Sandra’s other trainer, had told her that she knew that he was smitten with her. Smitten like a wolf staring at a defenseless lamb and Sandra was perfectly content to serve as his permanent prey. This weekend he would test her in ways she could not guess, but she was sure he would push her limits. Lois had already tested Sandra’s resolve; and the fact it never dissuaded her desires made her feel that she was ready to take the next step.

That was the most important reason; since she now knew she wanted to submit herself entirely to Lance. It was funny how, if the rumors were true, she was about to be offered a major promotion at work. Sandra had a good career, quickly climbing up the ladder, but after the last two weeks it seemed so unappealing. She learned a week ago how tenuous her grip on real life was. When after a week of being a little too wrapped up in this new affair of hers, her boss threatened her job. All the time and effort she gave to the company seemed immaterial and that made her realize that any life she led was fragile at best. It was a matter of which risk was worth taking, and with her long hidden passions finally released, a life without experiencing them seemed so bleak.

So, as she enjoyed her coffee and eggs, Sandra was content to know that the passion that was now a part of her, also helped her to reverse the damage done during the off week she had at work. During this last week she redirected the newly discovered submissive energy she exuded into a determined effort to make her boss see how valuable she was to him. There was a good chance an offer of promotion would come when she met with him at three today. And if it did, she would ask for the weekend to consider it, where she would use the time to direct her energy for her truly compulsive pursuit.

Lance was planning her final tests and Sandra was ready to face them and prove to him why she should belong to him. No matter what the outcome at work would bring, her true goal was to become his. If her other life was about to move to another level of prosperity, her surrender of it all would be so much sweeter. In Sandra’s mind she saw how Lance would assume all responsibility for her life based on what he would demand from her. That made her want him to see how much she would be willing to sacrifice for him.

Once she finished eating Trixie took her to the bath, removed her large butt plug, and proceeded to give Sandra two large enemas. A week ago Sandra would never have even considered taking an enema, let alone two in a row. But it was a hard limit that fell to the wayside when Lance told her why she would have to get used to them. In fact, he told her that she would have to accept only those limits he saw fit, if she really wanted to fully commit to him. Having learned that enemas were not so bad, Sandra was beginning to realize that maybe he knew what was best for her. If she did choose to become his, Sandra could see how completely she would have to believe in him.

Once her bottom was thoroughly clean and the plug back in place, Trixie took Sandra to the bedroom where Lois was waiting. She was holding a set of leather straps, and in the next few minutes Lois and Trixie attached the harness to Sandra. Like the strap bra she usually wore, this garment also held her tits in its embrace, but also wrapped around her torso and between her legs. They attached the back of it to her butt plug, but left her sex open as the straps rose up in a V shape from the base of her vulva.

“No thong for you today sweetie, he wants her aired out under your skirt today. Now put your suit on,” Lois said, once the harness was securely embracing Sandra’s body.

As she dressed in her usual outfit of blouse, skirt, and jacket, Sandra felt almost naked beneath it, a feeling she liked. Clothes had become bothersome, having been naked during most of her free time the last two weeks. Shedding her clothes had helped her discard many of her inhibitions too, revealing her exhibitionistic side. With each passing day Sandra was evolving into a creature driven by her sexuality, something she never suspected could happen.

Sandra had always compartmentalized her life, work was her one persona and even out of work she kept her strange desires in their proper place. Not anymore, not since Lance first unleashed the hidden beast that Sandra had kept at bay. And like any strong proclivity, once it was exposed it could not be contained anymore; the Genie was out of the bottle permanently now. She never felt more driven in her life, knowing that if she did not fully explore these new desires she would regret it.

As Sandra slipped into her stilettos, not wearing stockings because her legs were so smooth after Lois’ extensive body waxing last night, she felt empowered. Today she would prove to herself that she could swim with the big boys at work and then go to her man to shed every aspect of that persona. Today she expected to shift from one extreme to another, but that was fine, it fit with her new thrill seeking self. That was really it, she was always working hard and lying low, but now she was putting herself at risk and loving it.

This whole journey was about taking one risk after another, and the adrenaline rushes this caused were fueling Sandra’s relentless pursuit. She never guessed that her life could become a constant adventure, but what she was doing now sure seemed like one. Knowing that this was how Lance made his living and learning in the last two weeks that being sexual with multiple partners was thrilling, Sandra knew a life by his side (or more accurately, at his feet) would never be dull.

Once she was dressed Sandra heard Lois say, “Before you leave I want to see miss prim and proper business woman thank her Mistress for all the training she received these last two weeks.”

“Oh thank you Mistress,” Sandra replied, turning to face her just before kneeling down in front of her. Sandra looked up at Lois and asked, “Would Mistress allow me to thank her pussy too?”

Lois dropped her robe, revealing she was naked beneath it, before saying, “Of course you may, and while you do that Trixie will kneel behind me and thank me in her own way.”

The diminutive slave, who had been cleaning the breakfast dishes, quickly bolted over and assumed the assigned position behind her Mistress. While Sandra tongued Lois’ pussy, Trixie did the same for her bum hole, the older Domina sighing with pleasure as her girls went to work pleasing her. Trixie was not quite nineteen yet, but after six months of serving Lois under a money based contract, she had just petitioned Lois to become hers permanently. She wanted to discard the monetary benefit for the feeling of affection and security her time with Lois had cultivated. Meeting and becoming Sandra’s friend these last two weeks had revealed that simple truth to her, and now she was almost as happy as Sandra was with her new circumstances.

As her trainees strove to please their Mistress, Lois felt nearly as giddy as the girls. The last two weeks for her, with the addition of Sandra into her life, had left a profound impression on her too. She had been nurturing Trixie for six months and had a cathartic weekend planned to expose Trixie’s true desires when Sandra showed up on her doorstep. Her arrival added a strong example of what Lois wanted from Trixie, and her presence during a difficult trial helped her new pet realize what she really wanted. Lois’ new agreement with Lance to remain a part of Sandra’s life, should he accept her into his care, only sweetened the victory she just won. After enjoying two lovely orgasms Lois allowed her girls to share a parting kiss, a long deep one that clearly demonstrated their budding carnal affection for each other.

Finally they parted company with Sandra when she left for work. Sandra trusted them completely, thinking nothing about leaving them at her apartment since they had unfettered access to it these last two weeks anyway. As she drove to work she wondered when she would see Lois and Trixie again, not knowing she would be sharing a stage with Trixie at a place called the Mansion just tomorrow night. There was a lot Sandra did not know, but she was certain the path she was taking was necessary for her. Not knowing when she would see her friends again would only make it better when it did happen, since surprises seemed like a major part of her life now.

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