Closure by Shooter3704

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We got back home on Friday with two weeks of vacation left. On the flight back Lori and I talked long and seriously about Philly. It had been a wonderful experience. Chad and I fucked Lori the night Lori and I talked about it. We had just finished a nice meal.

“Chad, let’s go back to our room for a few drinks,” Lori proposed. Chad looked at me and I nodded. I could see that he wondered about the meaning of a ‘few drinks’

“Chad, let’s go do some drinks and do Lori, also,” I said to make sure he understood. He grinned and quickly agreed.

There is a period of time when two men and a woman are together that’s peculiar. A feeling of uncertainty or maybe even anxiety for everybody involved There is that moment when it’s time to shit or get off the pot. I elected myself as the man in charge.

“Chad, doesn’t Lori look nice tonight?” I asked. We all had a cocktail from the mini-bar.

“Yes, she certainly does,” Chad answered. “You are one lucky man, Paul. Very lucky.”

“I certainly am,” I agreed. “Lori looks better now than she did in college, and she was a fox back then. She could have modeled then and she still could now. I’ll prove it to you. Lori, go put that blue outfit on and show Chad that you still have it.” Lori got up and went into the bedroom to change without a word. The blue outfit was something new I bought her just for the trip. Neon blue bra and panty set with a shear floor-length matching robe. While Lori changed, I put some music on and got my new digital camera. I wanted to capture the moments.

Modeling naughty-nighties was not something new. Lori often teased and tantalized Dallas and me. Lori was a self-confessed exhibitionist. One day she even put a show on for us using a wine bottle as a dildo. Man, she got a royal fucking that day. Lori wasn’t, or at least hadn’t been, the least bit shy displaying her body. She knew she looked damned good and made the most of it.

When she emerged from the bedroom, I quickly saw she hadn’t lost any of her showmanship. She came out and walked over to where Chad and I sat waiting. Instant hard-on time. I took a couple shots while she slowly moved around the room. The robe was so shear we could see her panty and bra clearly.

Lori came to the center space between us, stopped, look directly at both of us and took the robe off. She casually put it over one shoulder and made another circuit around the room coming back to stand before us. Yeah, she still had it and even more than she used to have. Lori was a woman who knew she was hot and it showed in every move and every pose. Maturity looked good on her.

I took a couple more pictures of her while she posed. I saw Chad swallow hard a couple of times. Lori glanced at me and I nodded my encouragement. She slowly and sinuously removed the bra, freeing her great rack. I heard an audible gasp from our guest. I may have gasped, too. Her beautiful tits were always a sight to behold. She tossed the robe and bra away and took another turn around the room making her huge globes bounce and sway.

“My God!” Chad said. “She is something, isn’t she?” Couldn’t argue with that. Lori came to a stop in front of Chad.

“Do you want to see any more?” she asked in a husky, sensuous voice. Chad swallowed and nodded his head. I figured he didn’t have enough saliva to speak. I know my mouth was dry. “Then you take the rest off of me,” Lori said stepping closer to him. His hands trembled when he reached out and took the panties in his grasp. I snapped a few shots of him pulling them down exposing her trimmed pussy to his gaze.

When she was naked except for her heels, she stepped back to a low table and leaned back on it. Slowly. Ever so slowly she spread her legs, opening them wide and back until she was completely exposed to his wide opened eyes. I took some more photos of her spread open and toying with her clitoris. It was plain to see her nearly bald pussy was wet. She kept just a sprig above her slit.

“Boys, I do not intend on being the only person in the nude,” Lori said. “Should I put my clothes back on?”

“What do you think, Chad?” I asked. “Do you want some of that pussy?” I recalled with a start that I had said almost the same words to his older brother many years earlier. He nodded and stood up, undoing his belt as he did. “Go get some, then,” I encouraged him. Chad make short work of his clothes, not taking his gaze from Lori hot pussy. When he was naked he approached her, his legs apparently unsteady. He knelt to his knees and buried his face in her cunt. I heard Lori’s soft moan of pleasure as he ate her. I got some great shots of that.

Chad proved himself to be a good fucker. After he ate her to a racking orgasm he shoved his cock in her and fucked Lori like fucking was about to go out of style. I knew he couldn’t last long with the tempo he set, so I got ready.

Fucking Lori was always a treat, but fucking her cum filled, hot box just after another man, was a special treat. I had almost forgotten how good it was. We fucked her a couple of turns in the living room of the suite and then managed to get her onto a bed.

Lori was a smoldering mass of lust. She always liked anal sex and she got plenty that night. At some point, I have no concept of time, we double fucked her, sending her in to a long series of climaxes.

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